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Presentation / Info:

This site is a presentation of Tempographies, a kind of photos invented and made from Seventies to today by Loris Lorenzini.

Some considerations about groups of Tempographies:

OI    OI10    SpartitoGlass01    And the similar ones.

I’ve often been attracted from the idea to show the ZERO and the ONE. They are the fundamental element of many important concepts:

  - The computer science uses them as the base to its structure, (if there wasn’t the computer science, you wouldn’t see this page), and in fact the transmission between computers is based on Zero and One.

  - The concept of Zero is not natural, but the One’s is (Zero was invented a few time ago while One is innate in everyone).

  - They’re the symbol of absence and presence. Of existence and non-existence. Of full and empty.

  - Philosophers and mathematicians wrote millions of words about them.

  - In Italian, put together, they can be read as numbers or words, so that they can mean “I” or even “ten”.

  - In my dialect “Zero one” means literally “I was someone”.

In these photos I’ve inserted some references of the minimalist and repetitive music of Philip Glass, inspired by the original scores that, luckily, I photographed live. I found out that they’re extremely brief (half on hour of performance in only one side).

The repetitive score is added to the repetitive notes, which are represented by Zero and One, expressed with a scale of greys, depending on their intensity or their volume. They are also present as transparencies and really big, to underline the three dimension of his music (the most abstract art ever… it vanishes when it’s just produced).

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Then I made a series of Tempographies:

Duchamp    SelfPortraytManRay    and the similar ones...

Where the reality is added to the tempographic elaborations, so that it transforms them. The technique is particularly delicate because it is necessary  to combine exactly the exposition times of the photo with the tempographic interventions ones.

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Another kind is the writing one:

                                              RO    LaszloMoholyNagy   And the similar ones…

Where a macro photo of a  writing is enlarged and combined with the tempographic technique

Its realisation takes a long time but it’s easier then the preceding one, because the sings of the letters have only one tonality.

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It’s well-known that a screen cannot be able to reproduce the whole range of tonality of these photos… you have to see them live!

See you soon.

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