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Tempographies were born in 1972, from the reading of the book: APHOTO (1) fotografia come superficie, where I found out that the little technical  knowledge prevented the artists, as the American Blythe Bohmen, to carry out their ideas in a satisfying way.

My idea was to add the Time to the photos, for they’re known as “the fleeing moment”, they are the action of stopping Time in a moment, which is so little that it doesn’t exist anymore, but like simulacrum of the own time, in the memory of what is past. And what is left is only… an image.

 So I tried to find out a technique which allowed to show time, used to create a photo, a photo that showed how much a sign took form, and that the trace of time necessary to its fulfilment was obvious in the tonality of grey which formed the own photo.

 So Tempography was born, and it allows us to write with the light, which transforms the sign left by the author into a sign that becomes darker and darker as the time goes by. Besides that, the author is a bit unaware of how his work will look like, he images it but doing it, he erases it and he will be able to see it reborn only when it will be developed.

It’s a great joy… try!


(1) Edit to Centro Culturale Studio Marconi 1977  pagg. 44-49
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